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Cisador is used for vibration isolation of buildings or machinery. It is made of closed-cell EPDM material and is generally laid in two layers each 15 мм thick. There are three types of Cisador: type A, B and C, which are applied at different compressive stress ranges. In contrast to type B and C the lower layer of type A is perforated.


Building support, machinery support

Форма заказа

Supply Calenberg Cisador, 30 мм thick, closed-cell, water repellent EPDM material and install in accordance with the installation details of the manufacturer.

Общая информация

Type: ...
Длина: мм
Ширина: мм
Цена: €/m²

Технические характеристики

Толщина опоры

  • 30 мм (2 x 15 мм)
  • double layer

Effective compressive stress:

  • Type A: 0,05 - 0,20 H/мм²
  • Type B: 0,20 - 0,40 H/мм²
  • Type C: 0,40 - 0,60 H/мм²

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